About Recursive Rabbit


Recursive Rabbit

Calls me “Recursive Rabbit.”

I’m myself. Again.


My writer is male.

Me, the rabbit, I have, well

modest proportions.


Like my late grandpa:

Alabaster lagomorph.

(Wonderland descent)


Through the Looking Glass

I see Recursive Rabbit.

Yes, all the way down.


Grandpa once told me,

Encounter weeping angel,

Then life gets complex.


Radical leftist

No, not like Joseph Stalin.

Total Antifa.

What got you into haiku?:

Vertigo attack.

Recursive anxiety.

Wild self-reference.

Phone Number:

I’m really not sure.

Tried calling myself to ask.

Got busy signal.


Nigerian prince

will pay once I get loan from

Nigerian prince.

Military Experience:

Failed basic training.

Drill sergeant shouted at me,


Favorite Video Game:

Easy: Transistor

Favorite achievement: Self()

Game keeps on going.

Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Character:

Lives-on-Moon, Nightblade

Argonian lizardman.

He cures nudity.

Brother’s character:

Manxome beast visits Kashyyyk:

The Jabberwookie.

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