There are no norms, now.

Bigotry was mainstreamed.

Resistance is hope.


  1. Hi Recursive rabbit.
    I remember reading on your former blog, which I visited often, your statements regarding some common views of ‘these Liberals’.
    While I lean sometimes left, sometimes right, I see the Liberal narrative mainly as labelling everything racist then sitting on their high horses to look down upon all of us ‘bigots’ because our views are not completely in line with theirs.
    If you think this is wrong, please tell me.
    Then please tell me WHY it is wrong, that I may consider the dispute.
    Quite a time (and a number of events) have passed since I read such things on the bronze blog, Maybe your views have altered since then, I know that some of mine have.

    All the best,

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    • Seriously? We have a birther and confessed sexual predator in the white house, blaming immigrants and Muslim Americans for everything. I have to deal with people equating my condition to everyday stupidity, and when anyone dares to complain, people say we’re “triggered” so that they can trivialize PTSD in rape and domestic abuse victims, treating normal anger like it’s the same as PTSD panic attacks.

      Is your head in the sand?


      • Indeed, Recursive Rabbit … seriously
        I was going to refer to you as RR, but Richard Reynolds, host of the ‘UFO conjectures’ site already accepts that title and I don’t wish to be so flippant in my use of names on-line.
        The president of your country is a birther, I know.
        Partial or complete belief in this or that conspiracy theory (as you know, there are millions of them) is a human folly I encounter regularly.
        If by ‘confessed sexual predator’ you refer to the iron-clad evidence revealed in the open-microphone situation when Trump expressed foul assertions to a reporter within a huge bus, then yes, there is little better description to use for this. If ‘confessed sexual predator’ was based on something else, then you refer to something that I am not aware of.
        I was disturbed by these recorded words too. At the same time I have heard far worse from co-workers at a number of the jobs that I have performed: truck-wheel worker, paver’s labourer, demolition and bouncer in seedy night-clubs.
        At such roles as Curriculum editor for my state’s Education department, Finance clerk and Dispatch quality assurance officer (connected with the truck-wheel role) there were far fewer words of such chest-beating macho-insecurity to be heard, but still there was some.
        I was considered to be the big, quiet, bald guy who didn’t indulge in much of the lunch-break conversation, but I was there, I heard the words of those who I had previously viewed as reasonable and decent men.

        I am not aware of your ‘condition’ and so cannot equate it with anything.

        PTSD … how shall I begin to word that subject i’m surprised you raised, yet if I knew you better, I might even understand.

        In 1996 I suffered a motor-bike accident which inflicted upon me a severe closed head-injury of the type that we are not always glad that we survived. I’ll spend the rest of my life recovering from it and, occasionally, finding more and more wisdom in the words of a number of shrinks that I was subject to for years after.

        I understand your words with regard to really fucked-up incidents causing insane damage, as suffered by rape and domestic abuse victims. It took a moment for me to fully appreciate your use of these examples in the point you were making, but I got there.
        I’ve never pretended to be a seamlessly effective thinker who understands everything at the moment it is presented, but I have the ability to consider, something i’ve noted a lack of in the trolls that have occasionally berated me on-line.

        No … my head is not in the sand.

        Thanks for reading,


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