Haiku and Twitter:

I try to compress meaning.

Trump uses padding.

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  1. Compressing meaning has been an aim of mine, too.
    In the past I wrote short stories including warriors, swords, axes, spraying blood, powerfully muscled warriors fighting ancient evil, cute young princesses, monsters, gods, timeless curses, creepy little wizards and so-on and so-forth.
    Unfortunately what was interesting to publishers at the time, what was selling was pre-pubescent Brits attending a strangely modern wizard school, not the rather ‘Conan’-like stories I was writing.

    I’ll get back into it one day. My best writing was when I succeeded in getting across as much good descriptive information as I could using as few words as possible. It worked at least for me and maybe the time will be right for it one day.
    That second line in your Haiku, the seven syllables, prompted this admission from me.
    I am learning, only slowly, that there is little if any harm in sharing a slice of my private life and ‘soul’ on-line, nothing too specific or sensitive, just something I might care to share with my digital friends and maybe others who enjoy their company too.

    All the best,


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